Proper Classical Concert Manners

Most artists have their concerts for an album that they released, whatever genre it might be from musical theatre to hip hop music to country music and even classical music. Some famous artists have already performed at their concerts such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and many moreOther than that a lot of musical artists and classical artists have their concerts too. Classical music concerts are different from pop or rock music concerts. It has a distinct ambience than participating in a pop or rock music concerts. If you are attending one of those, here are some of the proper concert manners you should keep in mind:

Dress Appropriately

What you wear relies on what type of concert you are attending to, and since we are discussing classical music concerts, it is ideal for you to wear something that is in the middle of not too formal and yet not too casual. For instance, you can wear something that you would wear in a business meeting or a job interview. It is also prudent not to wear caps or hats inside the venue since this will block the view of the viewer behind you.

Turn off Your Phones

As much as possible, you should turn off your phone or at least put it on vibrate, or better on silent if you are expecting an urgent phone call or message from someone. Other than your phones, you should also turn off alarms from your wristwatch. In case that you cellphones and watches rings loudly, it would be a cause of distraction to the other viewers.

Remain Quiet

Remaining quiet is an essential principle in a classical music concert etiquette. Avoid talking, whistling, whispering, singing along or humming to the music while the show is ongoing, this way you would not distract other people that are also watching. It will help you appreciate the concert more is you by listening attentively and paying attention to the artists on stage.

Stay Still

Obviously, no one wants you to sit perfectly still the whole time of the concert. But, try your best to refrain from doing any massive movements that can distract other people. Tapping your feet to the floor, stretching your arms while you are seated, cracking your knuckles or chewing gum are inappropriate and considered rude. These types of actions can also divert the attention of other viewers and even the artists themselves. It would be best if you try to stay still while the show is ongoing.